Spotify Design provided a brief for the D&AD New Blood Award 2021, asking how Spotify could transform the listening experience into a social one by enabling users to share meaningful audio and create deeper connections with friends and artists. The task was to create a feature within the platform that would encourage people to share their content and spark conversation on social media.
Our team's approach was to focus on the challenges faced by local artists and newcomers during the pandemic of 2020, which has threatened their livelihoods by preventing them from performing. To address this, we developed a social feature for Spotify that provides a stage for local artists. Users can discover these artists in different cities, watch their live performances, share them with their community, and even support them financially in real time through digital tips.
Àrmin Ludl: Concept Lead, Casefilm, Text, Narration, Editing.
Annabell Wagner: concept, figma prototype 
Janina Sommer: concept support
Alisa Sawchuk: concept support

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